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Leipzig Zoo

On nature's trail

A monkey sitting on a branch in Leipzig Zoo, which is perfect for a family excursion, animal park, recreational venue, sights, Gondwanaland
© Philipp Kirschner

Founded in 1878, the Leipzig Zoo unites a wide variety of animal species and vegetation that can often only be seen in the wild outside of Europe. In the middle of the city, visitors can embark on a fascinating world tour through the zoo's six themed worlds and admire a total of around 900 animal species.

A visit to Pongoland, the world's largest ape enclosure, and an audience with the king of the animals in the Makasi-Simba lion savannah are highly recommended. Not far away, giraffes, antelopes, zebras and flamingos can be observed on a safari through the expanses of the Kiwara savannah in their naturally recreated habitat. Also worth seeing are the majestic tigers in the Siberian tiger savannah or the elephants in the elephant temple Ganesha Mandir. Even more exotic is the over 100-year-old aquarium, which offers a fantastic view of the underwater world with a landscape pool, terrarium and ring pool for sharks. In 2017, Leipzig Zoo opened its own Himalayan mountain world, which has become home to red pandas, snow leopards and other animal species.

The Gondwanaland tropical adventure world adjoins the zoo complex. The hall, which opened in 2011 and is at a subtropical 25° Celsius all year round, provides ideal conditions for the 300 animals and 24,000 tropical plants. The tropical jungle is home to three continents that can be explored by boat or on the winding paths along the waterways. Both the zoo and the Gondwanaland are ideal for day trips - especially with children. Surrounded by numerous leisure activities, Leipzig Zoo is one of the most family-friendly highlights that you should definitely visit during your stay.

The South American theme world, which opened in the early summer of 2018, has some exciting new features. In the landscapes "Pampas", "Pantanal" and "Patagonia", white truffle bears, guanacos, capybaras, giant anteaters, maned wolves, maras, Darwin's rheas and Chacoan peccaries can now be seen in their natural habitat. Visitors can immerse themselves in the habitat and discover the animal species of South America either from a wooden walkway while meandering through the grounds or from an animal transporter converted into a visitor platform.

The gastronomic service helps against the hunger of small and large animal explorers: Kiwara Lodge, Restaurant Palmensaal and Restaurant Patakan in Gondwanaland.

For blind and visually impaired Zoo visitors:

For blind and visually impaired zoo visitors: Leipzig Zoo is committed to making its premises as accessible as possible. It supports the Inklusionspatenschaft-Programm (Inclusion Sponsorship Programme), which seeks to make it easier for blind and visually impaired people to participate in cultural events. 

Accompanying volunteers can be requested for a visit to the zoo and we recommend booking a guided zoo tour. This tour focuses on the needs of blind and visually impaired visitors. 


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Zug, S-Bahn, Tram, Bus: HP Leipzig, Hauptbahnhof; Tram: HP Zoo Leipzig


  • Fully accessible entrance for wheelchair users info
  • Special and personalised assistance services available for people with disabilities
  • Assistance for blind and visually-impaired guests info
  • Fully accessible elevator for wheelchair users info
  • Marked disabled parking available
  • Fully accessible rest-room for wheelchair users info
Restaurant , Garage/car park , Elevator available , Parking area , Playground , Cashless payment , Bathroom , Garden/park
A meercat on a pile of sand in Leipzig Zoo, which is perfect for a day out with the family, animal park, recreational venue, sights, experience
A penguin wanders into a small hut in Leipzig Zoo, which is perfect for a day out with the family, animal park, sights, recreational venue, experience
View of the jungle and the glass dome in the tropical enclosure, Gondwanaland, in Leipzig Zoo, which is perfect for a day out with the family, animal park, recreational venue, sights, experience
© Leipzig Zoo


Wide paths and ramps in the zoo are ideal for visitors with prams or wheelchairs. Thanks to floor-level panoramic windows, even people with limited mobility have a great view of the enclosures.

The Elephant Temple and Gondwanaland have wheelchair accessible lifts. The boat trip on the jungle river is also accessible for wheelchair users. The restaurants in the zoo are all equipped with wheelchair accessible toilets. The multi-storey car park also has accessible parking spaces.

Wheelchairs can also be rented on site for a deposit. Prior reservation by telephone is necessary. 

Der Zoo Leipzig engagiert sich, seine Räumlichkeiten so barrierefrei wie möglich zu gestalten. Er unterstützt das Inklusionspatenschaft-Programm, das blinden und sehbehinderten Menschen die Teilhabe an kulturellen Veranstaltungen erleichtern möchte. 

Ehrenamtliche Begleitpersonen können für den Zoobesuch angefragt werden und die Buchung einer geführten Zoo-Tour wird empfohlen. Hier werden die Bedürfnisse der blinden und seheingeschränkten Besucher in den Mittelpunkt gestellt. 

The Zoo offers guided discovery tours for people with disabilities (including contact with certain animals).


LEIPZIG CARD / LEIPZIG REGIO CARD: You receive the reduced admission price. In addition, you will receive 10% off of your bill with your LEIPZIG CARD and LEIPZIG REGIO CARD at Kiwara Lodge, Palmensaal Restaurant and Patakan Restaurant in Gondwanaland (with the exception of the grill stand, the bamboo bar and the Africa hut in summer).

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