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Special event locations with selected event dates

The Saxon Land of Castles in the southeast of the Leipzig region is dotted with imposing castles, magnificent palaces and lovingly restored mansions, which take visitors back in time and invite them to learn more about the prosperity and decline of the Saxon aristocratic families, electors and bishops.<br/> They regularly open their doors and gates for musical events of all kinds. Medieval sounds, classical concerts or modern performances (pop, jazz, blues) can be enjoyed in lavishly decorated festival halls, devout castle chapels or surrounded by giant old trees in the castle parks. Performances in venerable churches and monastery ruins are equally impressive.

The musical highlights that take place at these special venues are combined under the title "BurgenLandKlänge". These include the traditional theatre in Döbeln, the open-air stage in the Bad Lausick spa gardens and the only lake stage in Saxony on the Kriebstein dam.

A former quarry on the Rochlitzer Berg and the "Kreuzfelsen" cliff in Waldheim offer the perfect backdrop for audio-visual evening events - these locales are beautiful even though they were not built for this purpose.


Our special event locations with selected event dates