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Höfgen - Village of the Senses

Höfgen holiday village - nature, culture, history and much more

Surrounded by the glorious scenery of the landscapes around the River Mulde, Höfgen was once founded from seven farmsteads. This "village of the senses" is brimming with scenic charm, and is notable for its unique flora and fauna, as well as its many cultural activities.

The Romanesque parish church is perched on a uniquely shaped crest of porphyric rock, which is typical for the region. The church's historical interior and baroque murals are particularly noteworthy. Just below the church is the historical Höfgen water mill. The accompanying, lovingly designed water mill museum vividly documents the workings of the mill and the life of the miller's family. Holiday-makers can delve deeper into the milling trade on the banks of the River Mulde. One of the last remaining working ship mills in Europe is located here; its replica is now used as a museum. The special shape of the water mill defined the image of German river landscapes until the end of the 19th century, and secured the vital supply of flour from villages and towns. The mooring point for the Mulde ferry is located right next to the ship mill harbour. A friendly fleet of boats ferries guests between Gattersburg and Höfgen every twenty minutes.

Jutta Park, a romantic English-style landscaped park, dotted with the Bismarck tower, sculptures and fountains, stretches out above the mooring point. A must-visit destination for culture vultures is the nearby town of Kaditzsch. In the lovingly designed four-sided courtyard of the Denkmalschmiede Höfgen, you can admire changing exhibitions of contemporary art. In addition, you can experience concerts, traditional festivals and artistic forums here, as the Denkmalschmiede is a popular meeting place for art and music lovers.

The vast meadows and floodplain landscapes of the surrounding area, with their orchards, rolling hills and extensive forests, offer the ideal conditions for cyclists.