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Kössern - Village of the Master Builders

Baroque architecture as far as the eye can see

A shining example of a Baroque new town rises above the River Mulde just outside Leipzig.

Kössern is situated in the centre of Germany's most palace-rich area. Important master builders have worked their magic: 

  • Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann – creator of the Dresden Zwinger
  • Friedrich Wilhelm von Erdmannsdorff – one of the founders of German classicism.

Large hunting parties of the Saxon nobility brought glamour and splendour to this fertile region. Exceptional monuments were created, such as

  • the hunting lodge, a jewel of Baroque architecture, 
  • the stunning neo-Renaissance manor.

Magnificent buildings emerged in perfect harmony, including 45 matching craftsmen's houses as well as gardens. Augustus the Strong put on colourful festivals here, and the place still has a lively atmosphere. Prepare yourself: Visiting Kössern means you are sure of a warm welcome.

If you prefer a little more activity, we recommend a bike tour on the Mulde cycle path, a boat trip on the Mulde or a dip in the swimming lake. Hikers can explore the Geopark Porphyrland on the "Weg der Steine" (rocky path).