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Natural history in the Leipzig region

Explore geological diversity

The Leipzig region is full of distinctive geological and natural features. Geotopes reveal the formation of the landscape and how it was mined by humans.

At exhibits, guided tours and excursions, you can learn more about the geological history.

Immerse yourself in the natural and cultural history of the region.

Individual discovery tours

Hohburg mining path

Hohburg mining path © Kati Lange

Geo trail at Lake Markkleeberg and Lake Störmthal

Geo trail at Lake Markkleeberg © Andreas Schmidt

"Small Hill" Geo Route in Hohburg

Kleiner Berg Hohburg ©Kati Lange

"Rocky path" Grimma

Panorama from Grimma © Wolfgang Siesing

"Rochlitz Hill" porphyr trail

"Schillingbruch" in Rochlitz © Geopark Porphyrland