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Organs and churches in the Leipzig Region

Incredible sounds within the sacred walls

Organ music and building in Germany was recognised by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage. In Saxony alone, there are approx. 2500 organs, of which over 150 are historical instruments.

The plethora of churches with historical organs in the Leipzig Region is remarkable. Every year, the technical and musical diversity of the organs inspires numerous music lovers from Germany and abroad.

Unremarkable churches leave organ lovers amazed as they gaze up into the gallery. Silbermann, Hildebrandt & Co. leave behind wonderful treasures that Johann Sebastian Bach himself "acknowledged and praised as most beautifully made".

Many of these instruments from the past three centuries have undergone extensive restoration and reconstruction work in recent decades. This has allowed the soundscapes of four centuries and special organ treasures to be preserved.

The fascinating world of organs

Donat organ in the City Church of Brandis
© D. Wadewitz


Town church framed by trees
Naunhof Town Church