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The fascinating world of organs in the Leipzig Region

Organ building - An overview

Chapel and organ in Hubertusburg Castle © Wolfgang Siesing

In the Leipzig region, you will find a wealth of impressive organs designed by various architects. These include treasures such as the Ladegast organ in the parish church of Naunhof, the Silbermann organs in Rötha, the Urban Kreutzbach organ in Waldheim and the Tobias Schramm organ in Wermsdorf.

Every year, countless music lovers from Germany and abroad find themselves enthralled by the diverse craftsmanship and musicality of the organs. Many of these instruments have undergone extensive restoration and reconstruction in recent decades. These efforts have allowed for the sounds of the past to be preserved and a historically-significant collection of organs to be maintained.

Follow us on a journey to the organs of the region and let yourself be inspired by the "Fascinating Organ" on exciting tours.

The sounds of the centuries

Organ at St. Georgen Church in Rötha © Dieter Wadewitz

You can still hear the inimitable sounds of the 17th century in Rötha, Eilenburg, Naunhof, Wurzen and many other places in the region. Instruments old enough to have been played by Johann Sebastian Bach have largely retained their original substance, in spite of ever-changing tastes and the modern industrialisation of organ manufacture.

This extraordinary array of organs by various master builders – among them Gottfried Richter, Gottfried Silbermann, Zacharias Hildebrandt and Urban Kreutzbach – attracts increasing numbers of music enthusiasts to the Leipzig region from all over the world.

Enjoy the queen of instruments at regular events and on guided tours.

Tour packages for groups

Silbermann Organ at St. George's Church in Rötha © S. Brandt

Discover the vast number of organs from the Leipzig region by going on a guided tour for groups.