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Battle of the Nations 1813 Monuments

Memorial stones in and around Leipzig provide information about the troops stationed there and are reminiscent of the liberation wars near Leipzig.
During a walk through Leipzig and its surroundings, you will come across small monuments - the Apelsteine. They mark the locations of the Battle of the Nations around Leipzig and show which troops were stationed at this location.

Two different versions of the Apelsteine ​​can be found:

  • a rounded top with the capital letter "N" and odd number symbolises the locations of the Napoleonic army
  • a pointed top with the capital letter "V" and even numbers symbolises the location of the Allies.

The monuments were named after author Theodor Apel, who built 44 of the memorial stones from his own resources. The remaining six were built through financial support from private investors, associations or foundations.


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