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Eule-Organ in the St. Wenceslai Church in Wurzen

Organ in the Winter Church

Eule Organ in the St. Wenceslai Church in Wurzen
© D. Wadewitz

The tradition-steeped Organ Manufacturing Company, Hermann Eule Organ GmbH built the organ in 1999, listed as Opus 626. It stands in the north gallery of the choir room, which was divided as a winter church in 1981. II /18 + 5 transmissions. On the western side of the nave, stands the almost completely original Jemlich Organ from 1901, which can no longer be played. II/40. A general overhaul of this organ is planned as a long-term goal. The Eule-Organ was designed in accordance with the acoustic concept of a French organ from the 18th century. The third console functions as a double console coupler. The pedal mechanism, has four transmission stops from the Hauptwerk, in addition to the independent Trombone 16'.

Text: Klaus Gernhardt

Specification stop list

1 Console (C - g'")

1 Grand Bourdun 16'
2 Montr 8'
3 Bordun 8'
4 Prestant 4'
5 Doublette 2'
6 3-fold Fourniture 1 1/3'
7 5-fold Cornet from g
8 Trumpet 8'

2. Console - positive (C - g'")

9 Bordun 8'
10 Salicional 8'
11 Prestant 4'
12 Flûte 4'
13 Nazard 2 2/3'
14 Flûe conique 2'
15 Tierce 1 3/5'
16 Larigot 1 1/3'
17 Cromorne 8'

Pedal (C - f')

Soubasse 16' Transmission from no.1
Octave bass 8' Transmission from no. 2
Flûte 8' Transmission from no. 3
Prestant 8' Transmission from no. 4
Trumpet 8' Transmission from no. 8
18 Basson 16'

Player aids/help features:

Manual coupler II - I, pedal couplers, Pedal tenor coupler I, tremulant II. Console (all couplers as features and steps in interplay)


location St. Wenceslai Town Church in Wurzen
Am Wenceslaikirchhof 2
04808 Wurzen
phone +49 (0)3425 905020
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Evangelical Lutheran Parish Office, Wurzen
Cathedral Cantor Johannes Dickert
Domplatz 9
04808 Wurzen


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