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Ladegast Organ in the Altleisniger church in Polditz

Ladegast Organ in Altleisnig

The Friedrich Ladegast organ in the Altleisniger church in Polditz

Friedrich Ladegast (1818 - 1905) learnt organ building from his brother Christlieb (1813 - 1896). After returning from his years of travel, he founded his own company in Weißenfels in 1846 with the help of his brother. In 1855 he built the largest organ in the region at that time with 81 stops, four manuals and pedals (Opus 16) for the Merseburg Cathedral. In 1868 the largest Ladegast organ in Saxony was consecrated in Polditz. It has 33 stops, three manuals and pedals. In 1980, due to the dilapidated situation of the church, discussions were held on what to do with organ, which had also been damaged in the meantime. Since 1987, dedicated parishioners and the Polditzer Orgelverein e.V. have renovated the church. In 1996/97 the Ladegast organ was finally restored to its original state by the Scheffler organ workshop in Sieversdorf.

In 2018, the Polditzer Orgelverein e.V. is celebrating the organ's consecration 150 years ago and the two hundredth birthday of Friedrich Ladegast.

Specification stop list 1

I. Console C – f‘‘‘ (Oberwerk) II. Console C – f‘‘‘ (Hauptwerk)

 1. Liebl. Gedackt 16‘ 10. Principal 4:16 pm

 Geigen Principal 8' 8nd Bourdun 4:16 pm

 3. Doppelflöte 12. Flute 8‘

 4. Salicional 1:13 pm. Principal 8‘

 5. Principal 4. 2:14 pm Gamba 8‘

 6. Flauto amabile 4‘ 15. Chimney flute 8‘

 7. Violine 2‘ 16. Octave 4‘

 8. Progr. Harm rank 2 – 3 17. Gedackt 4’

 9. Oboe 8’ 18. Quinte 2 2/3’

19. Octave 2’

20. Cornet rank 3

21. Mixture rank 3

III. Console C – f’’’ (Swell pedal) Pedal C-d’

22. Traverse flute 8’ 26. Cello 32’

23. Liebl. Gedackt 8’ 27. Principal bass 16‘

24. Viola d`amour 8‘ 28. Sub bass 16‘

25. Zartflöte 4‘ 29. Bass flute 8‘

30. Octave bass 8‘

- - 2 –


II. – I. 31. Quint bass 5 1/3’

III.- I. 32. Octave bass 4’

I.- Ped. 33. Posaune 16’




location Polditzer Orgelverein e. V.
Polditz Nr. 6
04703 Leisnig
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