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Trebsen Feudal Estate

One of Saxony's largest manors

Trebsen developed into one of the largest feudal estates in Saxony. With over 1,000 acres of land and interest income from two cities and more than 10 villages, its wealth was displayed through the construction of a new palace complex. 

Georg von Saalhausen purchased the Trebsen estate around 1494, and started building the castle. High-quality cellar arches in the ground floor rooms still show evidence of this construction phase. Under Hans von Minkwitz, the palace was completed as a four-winged complex after being sold again in the year 1521. As the estate was sold multiple times, changes in ownership and produced further structural alterations.

In 1945, more than 200 Red Army soldiers were accommodated in the historical rooms, which led to the almost total destruction of the historical court archives. Subsequent looting of the furnishings eventually led to the demolition of the roof trusses over the west and north wings. 

During the GDR, the castle became the property of the people. The rooms of the east and south wings were used as apartments.

In 1992 the Förderverein für Handwerk und Denkmalpflege e. V. - Rittergut Trebsen was founded and moved into the castle. The main objective of this association was to rebuild the castle in accordance with the regulations for historical monuments and to use it as an educational preservation institution and as a cultural meeting place. By utilising the premises in the castle and the Trebsen manor, the association was able to expand its range of cultural activities. In addition to concert and theatre performances, jazz and blues events have become an integral part of the regional cultural landscape.

- Visitor bathroom available


location Trebsen Feudal Estate
Thomas-Müntzer-Gasse 4c
04687 Trebsen/Mulde
phone +49 (0)34383 92344
fax +49 (0)34383 92323
web visit homepage
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contact person

Förderverein Rittergut Trebsen e.V.
Managing Director: Uwe Bielefeld


Parking area , Bathroom
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