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Trampeli organ in the Martin-Luther Church in Sornzig

Restored in the 20th century.

Trampeli Organ in the Martin Luther Church in Sornzig
© D. Wadewitz

Johann Gottlob Trampelt (1742 - 1812), son of the company founder Johann Paul Trampel (1708 -1764), who still went by the family name Trampel, built the organ in Sornzig in 1808 - 1810. II/23 It was sanctified on 4 November 1810 along with the newly built church. An organ that was built just 20 years earlier was sold after the demolition of the now too small church. The first refurbishments took place in 1856. In this time, the tremulant, the celeste and the console were removed. From 1886/87, more changes were made to the specifications. When the interior renovations of the church began in the 1880s, the restoration of the organ also took place. In 1998, the re-sanctification was celebrated.

Text: Klaus Gernhardt

- Visitor bathrooms available

Specification stop list

Main Organ (C - d"')

1 Bordun 16'
2 Principal 8`
3 Viola da gamba 8'
4 Stark gedackt 8'
5 Octave 4'
6 Rohrflöte 4'
7 Quinte 3'
8 Octave 2'
9 Cornett 3 fach
10 Mixtur 4 fach

Oberwerk (C - d"')

11 Principal Discant 8'
12 Lieblich gedackt 8'
13 Quintatön 8'
14 Octave 4'
15 Flauto amabile 4'
16 Nassat 3'
17 Octave 2'
18 Mixtur 3 fach
19 Vox humana 8'

Pedal (C - c')

20 Subbaß 16'
21 Violonbaß 16'
22 Octavenbaß ´8'
23 Posaune 16'

playing aids:

Console coupler, pedal coupler, stop valve to the Oberwerk


location Martin Luther Church in Sornzig
Oehninger Straße 39
04769 Mügeln
phone +49 (0)34362 32616
contact person

Evangelical Lutheran Parish Office Sornzig
Minister Ulrike Weyer
Oehninger Str. 39
04769 Sornzig-Ablaß


Parking area
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