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"Obstland" route in the Leipzig Region

Cycle through the Saxon Obstland ("fruit country")

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The Obstland Route is currently being created between Dürrweitzschen, Mügeln and Leisnig. Encompassing some existing cycling paths and suitable interconnecting routes, it will stay largely away from busy roads.

It covers a total of 67 km, of which 21 km runs through the district authority of North Saxony, 33 km through the district authority of Central Saxony and 13 km through the district authority of Leipzig. The route traverses the largest contiguous fruit-growing area in the Free State of Saxony. The Obstland Route is circular, linking the Mulde Cycling Trail and the main regional cycling route, the Döllnitztal Cycling Trail. It comprises several sections and can therefore be covered in one big tour or several smaller ones. 

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Sammeln Sie jetzt auf Ihrer Radtour durch das Obstland Stempel und sichern Sie sich einen gratis Fruchtsaft von "Sachsenobst"!

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Discover Saxony's largest fruit-growing area

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