Four people are cycling down the Mulde cycle path on racing bikes, active holiday, cycling
Two cyclists stand on a bridge in the forest, biking, active
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Biking © K. Lange

On the go by bike

Discover the most beautiful cycle routes throughout Leipzig and the region in our brochure - wonderfully compact and informative and essential for all cyclists!

Mulde-Elbe bike route & Döllnitztal bike route

Döllnitz train on the tracks and cyclists on the other side, family outing, active holidays, industrial culture, cycling tours

Mulde cycle path from Döbeln to Grimma

©W. Siesing

Mulde cycle path from Rochlitz to Sermuth

Cyclists with Rochlitz Castle in the background, Mulde cycling path, leisure

Mulde cycle path from Grimma to Muldenstein

Elster bike trail

Elbe bike trail

KOHLE | DAMPF | LICHT cycle route

Zschopautal bike route

Kriebstein Castle on a hill, with Zschopau in the foreground, day-trip destination, leisure, sights

Pleiße cycle route

"Äußerer Grüner Ring" (Outer Green Ring) bike route

New Lake District cycling path

Parthe-Mulde bike route

Leipzig-Elbe bike route

Eilenburger "Schleife"

Torgau cycle path

Altenburg-Colditz cycle route

Full view of Colditz castle on the mountain, sights

Berlin-Leipzig cycle path - Mills between Metropolises

Landscape with yellow flowers and meadows bordering the river Mulde, cycling, excursion

"Obstland" route: Today's "Obstland"

"Obstland" route: History of the "Obstland"

© FV Obstland e.V.

"Obstland" route: A spiritual experience amid fruit