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Schkeuditz Astronomical Centre

Sun, moon and stars up close

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Schkeuditz Astronomical Centre © TVLN

The planetarium enables a near-natural representation of the starry sky, the moon and the bright planets on the 8-metre dome at any time and at any point of the earth or the solar system. In the impressive planetarium programs, you can learn interesting facts about the sun, moon, stars, and galaxies, accompanied by ethereal sounds. Comets, the moon system of Jupiter, shooting stars (meteors) and artificial satellites can be accurately displayed. In the observatory, the starry sky and the sun can only be seen in clear skies. 
The 32-seat classroom is predominately used by Schkeuditz schools for astronomy lessons.
On the last Sunday of every month at exactly 4.00 pm, regular and public planetarium events are held for children and adults. We request you reserve in advance. Sky observation sessions for everyone take place only from November to March on the first Friday of the month. They generally begin at 6.00 pm with an introduction to the planetarium.
Additional viewing evenings will be announced on our event calendar under public events and in the press.


  • Special class-related program for school groups from all school types and year levels, as well as apprentice groups
  • Group events for nurseries, societies, church groups, companies and private groups for different purposes, like weddings, birthdays, children's parties, Christmas parties  etc.
  • Special tours for vacations or for special astronomy experiences
  • Professional training events for student teachers or teachers

Special events can be arranged by contractual agreement with the district administrative office of Northern Saxony and the observatory "Schkeuditz Astronomical Centre. 


location Astronomy Centre
Bergbreite 1
04435 Schkeuditz
phone +49 (0)34204 62616
web visit homepage
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S-Bahn: HP Schkeuditz; Tram: HP Schkeuditz, Rathausplatz; Bus: HP Schkeuditz, Rathausplatz


  • Special and personalised assistance services available for people with disabilities
Parking area , Bathroom
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