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Botanischer Garten Oberholz

Botanischer Garten Oberholz

Maybe you have already walked through the "Oberholz" in Großpösna. But have you also visited the nearby botanical garden for medicinal plants and herbs?
In this green oasis created in 1936 for the teaching of student chemists, nature-lovers can not only learn about medicinal plants of yesteryear and today, but can also admire the diversity of native flora and fauna. The collection displays more than 400 plants, including homoeopathic plants still in modern usage, as well as obsolete examples, and also various ornamental and pot plants. You can observe wild birds and insects and discover bird, bat and insect boxes situated in old trees. Children will especially enjoy the little zoo with dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs, and also the aviary with its various parakeets. There are many suggestions for your own garden, such as the design of flower beds and ponds, the creation of a deadwood hedge and willow domes. Seeds, fresh or dried herbs, perennials, seedlings, potted plants and bouquets can also be purchased.
Guided tours on a variety of topics take place in the garden upon request.

- Visitor bathroom available


location Botanischer Garten Großpösna
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04463 Großpösna
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