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Eilenburg Castle Grounds and Bergkeller

On the trail of the Heinzelmännchen (Brownies)

Eilenburg mountain cellars, view into illuminated tunnel

The Eilenburg Burgberg (Schlossberg) can call itself a cradle of Saxony. In 1089 the Wettish territorial state, from which the present Free State of Saxony originated, was born here. The legendary Eilenburg counts, who are also central figures in the Heinzelmännchen saga of Eilenburg, thus played a role at the beginning of the 829 years reign of the powerful Wettins. In the 10th century the Ilburg was built here with its still-surviving Sorb tower. The Eilenburg Burgverein moved this about five hectare large area back into the public eye. After the Sorb tower and the castle gate, the small keep and the castle walls were also renovated and the hillside secured in the meantime. The Hundertstüfchen (hundred stairs) lead from the city centre on the circular route of the castle grounds and crosses the Saxon Luther Trail and the cycling circuit EILENBURGER SCHLEIFE. On the castle grounds is also the HEINZELBERGE guest house, which was renovated into a hostel from a former prison.
Just a stone's throw from the Burgberg, are the entrances to the Eilenburg underworld. In the widely ramified Bergkeller facilities, the tasty and long-lasting Eilenburger beer has been stored since the Middle Ages, which has contributed significantly to the prosperity of the city for centuries. Later, the corridor systems were otherwise used, further extended and rebuilt and eventually served many hundreds of Eilenburg residents as a refuge from the artillery fire in April 1945, which almost destroyed the entire city.


location Castle Grounds / Bergkeller
Schlossberg / Kellerstraße
04838 Eilenburg
phone +49 (0)3423 652222
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Zug, S-Bahn: HP Eilenburg; Bus: HP Eilenburg, Bergstraße/Mühlstraße oder Maxim-Gorki-Platz


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