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Geoportal - Röcknitz Manor

Geopark "Porphyry Stone Kingdom in Saxony"

The Röcknitz manor, with its permanent exhibition - "Time - Change - Stone. Moving geology of a landscape" educates visitors on the history of our landscape since huge volcanic eruptions. Dive into a long-gone world full of huge volcanic eruptions, sea flooding and ice ages. You will learn how porphyry, kaolin and lignite formed and what enormous powers have shaped the face of today's landscape. The exhibition contains meaningful pictures, comprehensible texts, impressive video animations and vivid exhibits. Both experts and the every-man will be interested.
The Geo Experience Garden is located in the park adjacent to the mansion. In a playful way, this garden invites big and small visitors to discover and relax. Through a barefoot path, a stone labyrinth or a tertiary forest you can experience first-hand the subject of geology.


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