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Geoportal - Porphyry house, Rochlitz Hill

On the porphyry trail

Marking stone on the Rochlitz mountain in the forest, hiking, family excursion, nature experiences
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The Geoportal information centre is located in the Gleisbergbruch's former social building. It offers the perfect conditions for lessons on nature and for encounters with flora and fauna. In addition, it is well suited to the diverse applications of the raw material, porphyry, and other materials associated with technical history, industrial heritage, trade and art. On 21 September 2014, the porphyry house was opened as a Rochlitz porphyry visitor centre (Geoportal) in the porphyry quarries' old social building. Here, vistors can collect information about the Porphyrland Geopark and Rochlitz hill, as well tips for excursions in the surrounding area. In addition, presentations, workshops and creative activities are offered. The Rochlitz Geopark is currently only open for events. The rooms can be rented for an event. 

The following can be found in the Porphyry World on Rohlitz Hill:

  • Porphyry trail at "Rochlitz Hill"
  • Forest experience trail
  • Experience tour - On the heels of porphyry

All tours can be found under the heading, "experience trails" on the "Heimat- und Verkehrsverein's "Rochlitzer Muldental" e.V. (local and tourist registered association") website.

Offers for children:


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Tower on the Rochlitzer mountain
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Hiking trail to the Rochlitzer Hill through woodland, activities, nature experiences
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