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Lake Großstolpen

Relaxation and nature conservation united

Lake Großstolpen
Lake Großstolpen © TVLN

Lake Großstolpen, located near the small historic town of Groitzsch, is tiny compared to its neighbours. Despite this, the lake still experiences increasing popularity with bathing guests, with beach and lawn for sunbathing.

Lake Großstolpen is, however, a great example for the co-existence of relaxation and nature conservation.

Peace and relaxation, volleyball courts, playground, lookout point "Neuer Geyersberg", New Lake District bike track, geological nature trail Hohendorf

Location: Groitzsch, OT Großstolpen

Water surface: 31 hectares

Shoreline: 2.5 km

Depth: up to 5 m

Parking: Western side (K7851)

Beach area: Western side of the lake with beach and lawn for sunbathing

- Visitor bathroom available


location Lake Großstolpen
04539 Groitzsch
OT Großstolpen
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