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Lake Schladitz

Perfect for a day out with family or friends

Lake Schladitz with a Stand Up Paddler
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Lake Schladitz is located to the north of Leipzig. Whether with family, friends or alone - Schladitz Bay, with its wonderful sandy beach, deep blue water and Mediterranean flair invites you to bathe, swim, laze around and relax. Cycling enthusiasts and inline skaters feel at home here too. There are several paved and signposted trails which amount to a total length of approx. 11 km. Visitors can stay overnight in tents or small bungalows, directly on Schladitz Bay.

In the water sports school located there, Camp David Sports Resort by ALL on SEA, beginners and advanced students master the art of sailing, surfing or free-diving, among other activities. At a depth of up to 25 metres, a new world is opened up to divers. The deep blue offers a car wreck, forests and old wagons from the times of lignite production. For diving novices, there are flat spots from which carp and pikes can be observed. With the water quality and visibility ranges of up to eight metres, more need not be said.

In the near future, a project, which is the only of its kind in Germany at present, is set to be carried out on Hayna beach – bathing like in the Biedermeier era. This will allow visitors and bathers to travel back in time and experience cultural history, thanks to a historical beach design and a nostalgic aura.

Offers: all kinds of water sports, Biedermeier beach, tent houses, Sports Fun Park, Schladitz Bay, "Kohle I Dampf I Licht" cycle route, gastronomy

Location: between Rackwitz and Schkeuditz

Basic facts about the lake
Water surface area: 223 hectares
Shoreline: 7 km
Depth:up to 31 m

Parking: Schladitz Bay/Rackwitz (Haynaer Straße), Haynaer Shore/Schkeuditz

Public transport
Schladitz Bay:

  • Train/S-Bahn: Rackwitz Train Station stop - approx. 2.5 km walking distance
  • Bus: (211) Neuschladitz stop (Mon - Fri) - approx. 1.6 km walking distance

Wolteritz Beach:

  • Train/ S-Bahn: Zschortau Train Station stop - approx. 3 km walking distance
  • Bus: (207), (208) Lemsel stop, Brodenaundorf or Brodau - approx. 1 - 2 km walking distance

Beach areas: Schladitz Bay

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location Lake Schladitz
Haynaer Straße
04519 Rackwitz
web visit homepage

S-Bahn: HP Rackwitz; Bus: HP Schkeuditz/Hayna


Restaurant , Dogs allowed , Parking area , Boat rental , Ball games , Camping available , Bathroom , Playground
© Fouad Vollmer Werbeagentur
© Fouad Vollmer Werbeagentur
Lake Schladitz
© Fouad Vollmer Werbeagentur
Lake Schladitz
© Fouad Vollmer Werbeagentur
Lake Schladitz
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