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Sorb tower, Eilenburg

Ilburg Castle Keep

Sorb tower in Eilenburg ©SV Eilenburg

The Sorb tower is part of the old Ilburg. It was first documented in 961, which is now considered to be the date when Eilenburg was founded. The Sorb tower has remained the only large construction in Ilburg. It was presumably erected in the 12th century, on the highest point of the roughly 220 by 150-meter plateau, where it served as both a lookout and place of retreat. Afterwards, presumably in the 13th century, two other castle keeps were built, which robbed the Sorb tower of its strategic significance and led to its demise. In the middle of the 19th century, it should, therefore, have been demolished. However, engaged locals rescued and maintained this striking Eilenburg construction. The tower, which is 16 metres high today, has served as an observation tower since 1863 It was reconstructed in 1997/98.


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