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"Juri Gagarin" astronomical observatory in Eilenburg

Planetarium on the Mansberg

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Juri Gagarin Astronomical Observatory © Sternwarte Eilenburg

The Juri Gagarin Eilenburger Astronomical observatory has been a destination for astronomy fans since 1964. The planetarium on the Mansberg has a dome diameter of 6 metres and offers space for 40 people. We host age-appropriate talks for school groups and public family sessions. From October to March, regular viewing evenings are also offered. The powerful and computer-controlled reflector telescope allows spectators a closer look at the starry sky.

Along the planet hiking trail, which begins to the south-west at the Eilenburg wildlife park and leads to the Bobritzsch dam, the distances and sizes of our planetary system are presented over a stretch of 2.8 km.

- Visitor bathroom available


location "Juri Gagarin" astronomical observatory
Mansberg 18
04838 Eilenburg
phone +49 (0)3423 603153
fax +49 (0)3423 603153
web visit homepage
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Zug, S-Bahn: HP Eilenburg; Bus: HP Eilenburg, Lilienstraße oder Ehrenfriedhof


Parking area , Bathroom
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