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Stairs at the Philippus Church

You can enjoy an idyllic view of the canal from here.

Stairs at the Philippuskirche in summer, with visitors © Philipp Kirschner
© Philipp Kirschner

The large stone steps in Lindenau are a great place to relax! In sunshine and surrounded by tranquillity and green foliage you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Karl Heine Canal. In summer, more than a few Leipzig residents from the neighbouring area pop up around here to enjoy a few hours of sunshine and conversation, picnic, read or watch the gondolas, canoes and boats  pass by. If you are exploring the exciting districts of Plagwitz and Lindenau on the west side of Leipzig, it is worth taking a stroll along the canal and then lingering on the stairs of Philippus Church


location Large Stone Steps on the Canal
Endersstraße 37
04177 Leipzig
Stairs at the Philippuskirche in summer, with a gondola © Philipp Kirschner
© Philipp Kirschner