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Theater Döbeln

Mittelsächsisches Theater

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Built in 1872, the Döbeln Theatre did not need to shy away from the comparison with stage houses in larger cities. Back then, it was already equipped with modern gas lighting, and soon after got central heating. A theatre fire caused considerable damage in 1911. During the reconstruction the stage house was increased, a mansard roof was put on and the stage technology was updated. After a short construction period, the new theatre was able to be festively opened in 1912. The long-term commitment of the Döbeln town fathers and mothers to their theatre is also evident through the modern extension opened in 2007, which sets an exciting counterpoint to the historic building and offers, in addition to the studio stage and side stage, modern artists' dressing rooms, workshops and storage rooms. The technology, orchestra pit and auditorium were completely redesigned in 2011/12, and the theatre has gained many new audience members since the beginning of the 2012/13 season. At the beginning of June 2013, however, the building, like the entire city centre of Döbeln, was under water for the second time since the catastrophic flooding in 2002. On the ground floor of both the old and the new building, there was extensive damage; the play operation on the main stage was resumed in November 2013, the entire ground floor was available again only as of the theatre ball in March 2014.

- Visitor bathroom available
- Cash free payment possible

Accessibility information
Access for wheelchair users via the side entrance in the new building.
There are two wheelchair spaces in the hall.
Please make arrangements prior to event


location Theater Döbeln
Theaterstraße 7
04720 Döbeln
phone +49 (0)3431 715265
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  • Fully accessible entrance for wheelchair users info
  • Assistance for hearing-impaired guests (Deaf and Hard of Hearing) info
  • Fully accessible elevator for wheelchair users info
  • Marked disabled parking available
  • Fully accessible rest-room for wheelchair users info
Döbeln Theatre illuminated at night, Events, Culture
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