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Dornreichenbach Animal Enclosure

54 species of animals and approx. 200 animals

Dornreichenbach animal enclosure, nutria and duck in the water
© Kati Lange

Idyllically-situated enclosure with around 54 different species and approx. 200 animals

Dornreichenbach, a small place on the edge of Dahlen Heath, surprises visitors with its spacious animal enclosure, which, in total, houses 54 different species of animals, some of which are endangered. The approx. 5.5 hectare-large, beautifully-landscaped castle park invites you to walk around and observe animals in their species-appropriate habitats, and to admire some rare plants.

A real insider tip for nature and animal enthusiasts, both young and old!


location Dornreichenbach Animal Enclosure
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04808 Lossatal
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Dornreichenbach Animal Enclosure e.V (registered association).
Reinhard Otto


  • Fully accessible entrance for wheelchair users info
Parking area
Deer in the Dornreichenbach animal enclosure
© Kati Lange
Dornreichenbach animal enclosure, children in the petting area with goats
© Kati Lange