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Naunhof Tower Clock Museum

Tower clock museum in Naunhof

Tower clocks with gears have been being built since 1300 and evolved over the following years in line with technological progress. The task and goal of the first Saxon tower clock museum in Naunhof is to find, preserve, restore and make accessible to the public these testimonies of ancient craftsmanship from the past centuries.

In addition to meticulously restored mechanical tower clockworks, a tower clock and bell clock system, as well as a cross-section of main and secondary clockworks, are on display. A café integrated into the museum and regular events and special exhibitions add to what is on offer.

Bathrooms available, Tourist Information


location Naunhof Tower Clock Museum
Ungibauerstr. 1
04683 Naunhof
phone +49 (0)34293 32513
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  • Disability-accessible establishment
Restaurant , Parking area , Bathroom