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Underground passageways in Geithain

Medieval underground world

LED-illuminated underground vaults, day-trip destination, industrial heritage
Underground passageways in Geithain © FVV Geithain

Since May 2015, the underground tunnels can once again be visited in their entirety. The flood damage caused by the overflowing Eula river in 2013 has been repaired. The lighting technology was upgraded and all luminaries and spotlights were converted to modern, energy-saving LED technology.
A special feature are the LED spotlights with changing colour spectrum, which make the medieval underground tunnels of the underground world appear in a splendid play of colours.
You can discover this wonderful spectacle every Saturday from 2 pm to 5 pm or by appointment: Phone +49 (0)34341 44602.


location Underground passageways in Geithain
Vor dem Pfarrhof, Leipziger Straße 29
04643 Geithain
phone +49 (0)34341 44403
fax +49 (0)34341 466221
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Zug, S-Bahn: HP Geithain; Bus: HP Geithain, Dresdener Straße

opening hours

Saturday 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm
and by appointment
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