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Lake Hain at sunset with sailing boats by the jetty and waterside houses, active holiday, relaxation, sailing
Sailing boat on Lake Störmthal at sunset, sailing, leisure, active, holiday
Sailboat harbour with jetty at dusk, holiday, excursion destination, sailing
floating artificial experience island, Vineta, on Lake Störmthal at sunset, day-trip destinations, holiday
Shore and lake at the Camp David Sport Resort, active holiday, leisure
View of the blue water of Lake Kulkwitz between Leipzig and Markranstädt, bathing lake, water sports, leisure, active, Leipziger Neuseenland (Leipzig New Lake District)
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Bathing lakes in the Leipzig Region

Beaches and relaxation

If beaches and relaxation are what you are after, the bathing lakes in the Leipzig region are the place for you. More than 20 larger-sized lakesnow that sounds like a holiday

Each of the lakes has developed its own character, offering a unique experience. However, all the bathing lakes do have one thing in common: you can swim without hesitation in all of them, as the water is of outstanding quality.

No matter whether you want an active watersports holiday or a laid-back swimming trip with family and friends, you will find the perfect lake for you.

Into the water!