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Spa & wellness in the Leipzig Region

Enjoy with all your senses

Bad Düben Heath Spa
© Heide Spa
Sauna in Lake Cospuden in the evening light
© Sauna im See

Let yourself be pampered by everyday life, take a break and recharge your batteries!

The Leipzig region offers a range of options for forgetting the stresses of daily life and restoring harmony to your body, mind and spirit.

To the north of Leipzig, on the bank of the Mulde, the spa town of Bad Düben works its magic on visitors from far and wide. Over 100 years ago, the discovery of a rich deposit of moor mud led to the establishment of a mud bath here. Take a tour of the moor discovery garden to learn all sorts of fascinating facts about this natural remedy. Having arrived at the mud basin, you will feel the stimulating effects for yourself.

The therapeutic properties of mud are still recognised at the HEIDE SPA Hotel & Resort today. Here you will find a wellness experience tailor-made for you in a superb environment with excellent spa facilities, culinary delights and high-quality service. The Siusili applications are especially popular. Massages using warm herbal pads and honey peels in a steam bath actively contribute to your rest and relaxation. As well as Bad Düben, the Leipzig region has another spa resort: in 1820, curative waters were discovered in Bad Lausick in the process of lignite mining. The thermal waters, rich in iron, are provided as remedies to visitors to Bad Lausick for drinking and bathing in. Visit the RIFF spa and leisure pool and test the beneficial effect of the "Aqua Vitales" curative waters in the two thermal pools. The extensive sauna facilities with aroma grotto and chimney-fired rest area will revitalise you. You can also find balance and inner peace by taking long walks through the spa gardens. A network of trails offers 10 different routes to give you a controlled workout for your heart and circulatory system.

It is not only the spa resorts of Bad Düben and Bad Lausick that offer an opportunity to escape from the stresses of everyday life: the rest of the Leipzig region does too. The countless swimming and sauna facilities and the spa and wellness resorts by the lake invite you to take a moment to relax. The idyllic natural surroundings in the state-recognised relaxation resorts of Wermsdorf, Schmannewitz and Belgern provide peace and solace for your spirit.

In the Leipzig region, there is no distinction between wellness holidays and city breaks – in fact, it's the perfect combination.

Spa resorts

Bad Lausick Spa Park © K. Lange

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Sauna in the lake © Sauna im See


© Seepark Auenhain
Bad Düben Heath Spa
Sauna in the lake (Lake Cospuden) at sunset
© Sauna im See