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Spa resorts in the Leipzig Region

Bad Düben spa resort

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Bad Düben Moor Adventure Trail © C. Hüller

Welcome to Bad Düben, the southern gate to the Düben Heath nature reserve, right on the banks of the Mulde. This pretty spa town is located between the cities of Leipzig, Lutherstadt Wittenberg and Torgau, roughly 30 km from each. The tower of the 12th-century church of St. Nicholas rises well above the rooftops of Bad Düben and can be seen from far and wide.

Take some time to enjoy a stroll through the historic old town. Lovingly renovated buildings and small, elegant shops, cafés and restaurants will tempt you to linger. You can find a treat for your eyes and your stomach with an ice cream, coffee or tasty snack on the terraces in the old town and a view in front of the town hall. It has an entertaining feature: every hour on the hour, two billy goats butt heads beneath the clock.

An unmistakeable landmark of Bad Düben is the 1000-year-old Düben Castle, which both the town and the surrounding region are named after. It is an ideal starting point, because all roads and paths converge here. This historic building is closely associated with names such as Hans Kohlhase, Heinrich von Kleist, King Gustav Adolf II of Sweden, and Napoleon. The castle now houses the Düben Heath Landscape Museum and features a restored ship mill in the former moat. Alongside the usual tourist and nature reserve information, the new nature reserve visitor centre hosts a multimedia exhibition created by the Düben Heath nature reserve.

More than 100 years ago, a rich moor was the basis for the construction of a moor bath. The therapeutic properties of mud are still recognised at the HEIDE SPA Hotel & Resortspa & wellness centre today. Here, you can immerse yourself in Saxony's world of wellness, be pampered from head to toe and enjoy spa culture in a sophisticated atmosphere. You can learn all sorts of fascinating facts about this natural remedy on a tour of the moor discovery garden. Take off your shoes and socks and step into the moor wading pool to feel the beneficial effects for yourself.

On a stroll through the adjacent spa gardens, you can tread historic paths and enjoy the outdoors in peace. The spa park was built in 1848 as one of the first civic parks in Germany. With its fountains, flower and rhododendron plantations, small therapy facilities, barefoot path and the magnificent old tree population, it is an idyllic oasis of relaxation. Since its renovation, the traditional Kurhaus Hotel & Restaurant in the middle of the gardens is an inviting place to linger over culinary delights and enjoy the spa's summer concerts.

Bad Lausick spa resort

Bad Lausick Spa Park, "Schmetterling" Open-air Stage © Kati Lange

The thermal spa of Bad Lausick to the south-east of Leipzig has a history dating back 900 years. Its first inhabitants were Sorbians and named the village "Luzke", which translates approximately to "bog and meadow landscape".

After springs of curative water were discovered by chance in 1820 during lignite mining, the tranquil town of Bad Lausick became a centre for spa and wellness trips. There are all sorts of different ways for you to experience the effect of the iron-rich thermal waters.

As well as drinking and bathing treatments, the sizeable RIFF leisure pool is ideal for relaxing. Simply let yourself be pushed along by the current or go for a swim in the thermal waters of Bad Lausick. The outdoor zone boasts a curative brine treatment area, while a brine inhalation grotto invites you to recuperate. For pure thrills, try out the "Crazy River" tyre slide, a breath-taking 125-metre slide into the depths. For a more gentle experience, try the 118 m tunnel slide.

If you want to do your body and soul some good, Bad Lausick is the perfect place to do it.