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Water touring on the river Mulde in the Leipzig Region

Along the river Mulde

The Mulde is a river with two sources and many different sides to it, which has been an integral part of the region that surrounds it since the Middle Ages.

The Zwickau Mulde originates in Vogtland's Schöneck and flows around 160 kilometres before it meets the 120-metre-long Freiberg Mulde. From Sermuth, these two branches of the river combine to form the united Mulde, which then flows into the Elbe near Dessau-Roßlau, after a further 120 kilometres.


Green banks of the river Mulde and the Höfgen ferry, day-trip destinations, hiking, cycling, water touring
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View from the bike trail onto the Mulde river and the surrounding woodland area, cycling, active holiday
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View on to the river Mulde, surrounded by meadows and woodland, active, paddling, cycling
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The river Mulde framed by forests, with Mildenstein Castle on the hill in the background, sights, day-trip destinations
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Boat rental & guided dinghy tours


Dinghy tour with the whole family on the main stretch of the Mulde near Wurzen
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Between Grimma and Bad Düben

Nearly 90 kilometres of the Mulde river flows through the Leipzig region, past beautiful and idyllic floodplain landscapes, through villages and historically-significant cities, such as Grimma, Wurzen, Eilenburg and Bad Düben.

We recommend a detour along the 10-kilometre-long Eilenburg Mühlgraben, a centuries-old man-made canal.

Zwickau, Freiberg & the main branch of the river Mulde

Dinghies on the Mulde river, leisure activities
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Between Leisnig, Wechselburg and Grimma

The popular Freiberg and main stretch of the river Mulde is characterised by castles and monasteries, between Leisnig's Buch Monastery and Grimma.

TheZwickauer Mulde, with its varied landscapes, is full of surprises, which many may not have expected of the Leipzig region. There are not only canyons, forests and Auen landscapes, but also splendid castles crowning the river banks in Rochlitz and Colditz .