Sailboat harbour with jetty at dusk, holiday, excursion destination, sailing
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Tours and experiences in Leipzig and the region

Discover the Leipzig region

You will fall in love with Leipzig and the region! We make this claim with pride and not a hint of exaggeration. 

Come and see for yourself and discover the Leipzig region on an experience tour! Whether alone or in a group, on foot or by bus - the tours through Leipzig and the region are so varied that they almost lead to choice paralysis. We have compiled a list of the best tours and experiences to make it easier for you. 

All you have to do is pick one out and book it.


Water sports, Lakes, Leisure
Lake Markkleeberg with a view on to the Mining and Technology Park © Fouad Vollmer Werbeagentur
Bathing lakes Leipzig, Leisure, Sports, Surfing, Passenger ships
© Hüller Fotografie
Buch Monastery in Leisnig © Peter Franke / PUNCTUM
Monastery Church of St. Augustin in Grimma ©LTM A. Schmidt
View of the Quarry and the Beucha Mountain Church, sights, leisure
Beucha Mountain Church © Peter Hirth
Jehmlich Organ in St. Marien Cathedral in Wurzen
© D. Wadewitz
Leipzig New Lake District, Motorboats, Sailing, Sports, Cycling
© Stadt Zwenkau
Children and train driver in the steam locomotive's driver's cabin, industrial heritage, day trips
Oschatz Döllnitz Railway-Mügeln-Glossen © C. Hüller
Leipzig Region, fortresses, castles, moors, lakes, excursions
Mildenstein Castle © Peter Franke / PUNCTUM
People in a dinghy along a turbulent water canal, active holiday, rafting, water sports
Canoe park Markkleeberg © A. Schmidt
Conveyor crane in the Mining and Technology Park in the evening sun, industrial heritage, day-trip destination, tours, sights
Mining and Technology Park © C. Hüller
Cycling through a lawn in front of Hubertus Castle, cycling, ative holiday
Hubertus Castle in Wermsdorf © TMGS
Two people canoeing down a small river course, water touring, active holiday
Canoeing in the Leipzig region © C. Hüller
Lake Hain at sunset with sailing boats by the jetty and waterside houses, active holiday, relaxation, sailing
Lake Hain © PUNCTUM/ P. Szyszka
floating artificial experience island, Vineta, on Lake Störmthal at sunset, day-trip destinations, holiday
VINETA on Lake Störmthal © Fouad Vollmer Werbeagentur
Green banks of the river Mulde and the Höfgen ferry, day-trip destinations, hiking, cycling, water touring
Höfgen Ship Mill ©Fouad Vollmer Werbeagentur
Shore and lake at the Camp David Sport Resort, active holiday, leisure
Lake Schladitz © Fouad Vollmer Werbeagentur
A man points towards something in the distance, which a child with binoculars is peering at, forest, family day out, nature experiences
[Translate to Englisch:] Natur entdecken © C. Hüller