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„The Clitoris Act“ | LEIPZIG

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"The Clitoris Act or 2 cis 30-somethings and their obnoxious views about the perils of patriarchy” is a 1-hour theatrical comedy show by Mari Volar (EST) and Anshita Koul (IND) . Women – in an ideal world, we are them, we are birthed by them and we love them. But we don’t live in an ideal world, do we? Clit Comedy Club creators Anshita and Mari sit, stand and dance around topics like: what it’s like to take up space as a woman in this weird and dysfunctional world we’re in, how it feels to live in a country that isn’t yours, why catcalling is annoying but sometimes surprisingly refreshing, what it’s like to be surrounded by baby-making machines and how to properly lodge complaints with the Patriarchy. Women, bodies, dating, intimacy, weight, beauty and societal expectations - nothing is off limits in this 2-woman special. Prepare to be entertained, surprised, lectured and shocked - all in totally bad, bad, bad taste! Leave your Spanx at home and bring everyone you know with you - you’ll have loads to talk about later! “The Clitoris Act” premiered at the Hundertpro festival in 2021 and has since then entertained, educated and radicalised sold-out audiences across 20 cities in 10 different countries. Now it's coming to Leipzig for the first time. This show is in English and recommended for audiences aged 18+ (but open to minors at guardian’s discretion). For venue restrictions, please visit their homepage. The show contains crude language, loud music and adult themes. DOORS OPEN: 19:00 SHOW: 20:00

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Kabarett-Theater SanftWut
Grimmaische Straße 2-4
04109 Leipzig

Tel.: +493419612346
Webseite: kabarett-theater-sanftwut.de

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