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What happens when you take a musically adroit wild London rocker and an Irish sonic insurgent with a platinum pixie cut (who moonlights as a high fashion model), toss in some synthesizers, crank up the distortion to infinity, and burn the rule book? Well, Wargasm happens. A collision of throat-slashing thrash guitars, apocalyptic dancefloor electronics, unnervingly catchy harmonies, and unapologetic sex appeal, the UK duo—Sam Matlock and Milkie Way—can turn an underground goth club upside down one night and bring a massive outdoor festival to its feet the next night. It’s why they’ve earned widespread acclaim from NME, Alternative Press, Kerrang!, Revolver, Upset, and more. It’s why they’ve tallied millions of streams without a proper album. It’s why they’ve quietly become one of the most thrilling acts on the planet. These two mavericks take no prisoners, give no fucks, and have heaps of fun in the process on their 2022 mixtape Explicit [slowplay/Republic Records] and forthcoming full-length debut. The sound depends on both of them though… “Sam is the ‘War’, and I’m the ‘Gasm’,” grins Milkie.

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