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Zeichnen Workshop — Porträtarbeiten

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Note: This is NOT your regular portrait drawing workshop! This is about looking at faces differently. Taking the time to observe a mimic, a signature gesture, a mood, a character trait, the hidden worlds behind a person's eyes. And then to play and experiment with lines in order to translate those observations onto a paper, into a drawing.  If you're looking to learn realistic facial drawing in some steps, this may not be the thing for you. BUT if you're into reimagining the way you look at faces and people in general, and if you want to find out more about your own drawing idioms, we've got just the thing. Your drawing skills play no role in the matter - everyone is welcome.  Further details: This workshop will take place in German and English.  Registrations are to be made via email (ahoi@modos-dever.com) or IG (@modos__dever).  We look forward to welcoming you in our offspace! Cheers,  Your Kunstraum MODOS-DEVER

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